Senior Network Security / Team Lead

Senior Network Security / Team Lead

Posted 7 years ago

The primary purpose of this position is to design, build, maintain, and support a wide range of security solutions for an IT Healthcare Service company.

Technical Skills:

  • Must have a proficient understanding of Routing and switching
  • Must have worked with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, and GPO’s
  • Must have a deep understanding of Operating Systems ( Windows, Unix, and Linux )
  • Must understand device and communication encryption
  • Must have in-depth understanding of BlueCoat
  • Must have strong scripting experience ( Preferably with PowerShell and must understand how to work with API’s )
  • Must have proficiency with Network Forensics
  • Experience with an IDS / IPS solution ( Preferably – Cisco SourceFire )
  • Experience with Cisco Umbrella
  • Experience with Incident Response
  • Experience with Threat hunting ( must be able to find source of infection with or without technical solutions guidance )

Soft Skills:

  • Experience as Team Lead
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Must be able to create reports and presentations
  • Must be able to work without guidance and either work alone or collaborate with other teams
  • Solve complex problems

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