IT Systems Integration SME – Brooklyn, NY

IT Systems Integration SME – Brooklyn, NY

Posted 5 years ago

Scope of Services:

  • Responsible for testing, design, integration technical knowledge of specific public safety proprietary systems.
  • Coordinate building and IT responses for NYPD to NYPD Call Taker Unions.
  • Drive implementation of MaGic to Vesta Analytics.
  • Lead design and build of MTA 6 Wire System.
  • Work with Agencies to update CCMIS databases.
  • IT liaison between IT and NYPD Comm Section for Work Fore Scheduling Composing cutover plan.
  • Create Security Access profiles for NYPD Ops.
  • Assist Agencies with testing of CAD and the interfaces

Additional Details:

  • Provide City’s project teams (including the IT Service management organization) with
    critical project data, analysis and recommendations.
  • Work directly with City vendors to manage technical issue resolution; escalate issues as
    appropriate within the Program governance structure.
  • Facilitate briefings to City’s project team, key stakeholders on issues as required.
  • Develop specific analysis and documentation as required.
  • Provide issue analysis and recommendations as required.Participate in weekly meetings with operations and support system vendor (including but
    not limited to billing, change management, service level agreement, audit, etc)
  • Provide analysis and assessment to ECTP on vendor integration proposals for additional
    work as well as plans for addressing anticipated and unexpected project activities.
  • Key Activities:
    Data collection
    Analysis of data, proposals and reports
    Oversee scope delivery
    Monthly status reports
    Issue Summaries as required
    Analyze documents as required


  • At least 8 years of hands-on experience at senior level as applications analyst,
    audio/telephony systems designer and/or public safety project manager.
  • Extensive experience in the following technology areas: Public Safety Network and CPE,
  • Technical Support, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Systems Design, Development, Integration and Testing

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